Tuesday, January 15, 2019




1. Age, Height, Weight?
18, 6’8, 210
2. You are in the midst of your senior season take us back to your freshmen year & tell us what your mind state was as a frosh beginning to play varsity?
 I was very nervous playing and starting on varsity my freshmen year. I wasn’t as strong or fast as any of the other players, so I had to work a lot harder to make an impact. I knew my role and I didn’t do anything outside of that. Mainly I focused on just rebounding, running the floor, and finding an open teammate.
3. What are your team & individual goals for this season & are you & your team currently on pace to meet them? 
The team goal and my own personal goal is to win the MAC championship. I think we have a real shot at winning this year. If we play our game and play hard constantly, we could definitely be regular season and tournament champs.
4. What were some of the valuable things you learned early in your high school career from former Maret player & now Iowa forward Luka Garza?
Luka taught me to always play hard no matter who it’s against or how you’re playing. Playing with him and against him, l learned that if you play hard and hustle all the time, you can improve your own game drastically. He also gave me a lot of advice on post moves and finishing. 
 5. Tell us about your Yale commitment what was it specifically about Yale that made you decide it was the University for you to continue both your academic & athletic career? 
I thought Yale was a great school, not just because of academics and basketball, but because of the student life and coaching staff. When I visited there, it seemed like the best choice for me. I thought Coach Jones was honest with me from the start, which said a lot about his program and the school. I’m looking forward to college life next year.
6. You appear to be more aggressive this season in scoring the ball - what did you work on this summer to improve your overall game? You were a member of the Team Takeover 17U team that won Peach Jam this past summer as a graduating senior what will you miss most about playing AAU?
This summer, we had a very deep team that was filled with D-1 talent. So whenever I would go against them in practice, I had to bring my A-game every single time. I worked on being more confident on the offensive end and communicating more on the defensive end. 
The thing I’m going to miss about AAU is the concept of getting a bunch of guys that you played during the school season to come together and win weekend tournaments during the spring and summer. 3-5 games a day every Friday and Saturday then championship Sunday was definitely one of the most exhausting things, but it was also one of the most fun things. I’m gonna miss playing AAU.

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