Friday, January 18, 2019




1. Height, weight? 
5'10, 154lbs.

2. You have been sort of thrown into the fire as a starting freshman PG due to the unfortunate injuries on your team - how have you been able to make the adjustment as a starter and what have the coaches done to ease your transition?          
I’ve always played on a big stage and I’ve always played up so when my name was called I was extremely prepared for the opportunity. Also, competing against Ant Harris and J. Roach, the best back court in the country in the preseason it made me more than ready to compete against any other guards out there. The coaches have always told me to live in the moment and stay positive throughout the process which has helped me along the way as well. They believe in me. 

3. Your passing ability looks to be one of your major strengths as you have registered double figures in assists as a frosh how have you been able to develop it or is it something that comes naturally to you?
I have always had great vision on the court. My main focus is always to get everybody involved and make sure the ball is being distributed to all the players on the floor. I think that’s a Point Guards job. 

4. What are your team goals & individual goals as you play deeper into your conference schedule?  
Our goal as a team is to grow together and keep developing chemistry so we can have a run at the WCAC title. My goal as a player is to make sure im making my presence felt. Its my first year in the WCAC and everybody has a name because they’ve been here for 3 or 4 years, so really establishing that I’m a player that is coming to fight every game. I do not back down from any challenge. 

5. Take us back to before the season started what were some of the things you wanted to focus on as an incoming freshmen? 
Well for one making sure my grades are superb or my mom would kill me. Lol. I also wanted to make sure I was fitting into my role as a fast floor general. Coach wanted me to come in and be the spark for the team. I was mainly focused on keeping the pace fast and fitting into the rotation and doing whatever was asked of me to help my team.

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