Monday, November 5, 2018



Washington D.C.

1. How did you come up with idea of doing a documentary on the game of 33 & what were some of your fondest memories of playing 33?
Great question, it fell in my lap in all honesty. I was actually doing a clothing release inspired by “33” & I was sending my close friends a bio of the release & other ideas. I sent it to a good friend of mine who happens to be a great photographer. He was so infatuated with the game of “33” he wanted to make a short documentary on the game. He had a relationship with the creative agency Advoc8, & they were looking to do a creative project in DC, so we pitched the idea to them & they loved it. We start shooting 3 weeks after, & I explain my fondest moments in the film.

2. Basketball is played all over the country how did you discover that 33 was a game specific to the DC area?
It’s not a fact that all other states/cities don’t play “33” but the other game “21” is more commonly played around the country. Our belief is “33” was created in DC. Through a popular player who once played at Georgetown University.

3. Many people are saying that playground basketball is slowly disappearing in many cities across the country what impact if any have you seen on the popularity of playing 33 in the DC area?
Not really a big impact. Kids are playing “33” inside of gyms now. Kids are more “pampered” & “soft” now. They don’t know about playing “33” in 30 degree weather. That’s why older DC basketball players are so gritty & tough. It was the environment, it was the GAME. The environment made us fucking DOGS!

4. Were there any notable DC area players interviewed for the documentary?
Yeah a couple, but we really kept it in the streets. We wanted regular ballers who just enjoy the game & still play “33” on a everyday basis.

5. Will the documentary also cover the local game of "Butt on the Pole" a spin-off of 33?
Ha ha ha naw man, but those were some good times though. When I would lose I would just run off the court. My whole hood would be chasing me.

6. In your research of the documentary did you learn that 33 was possibly played differently in separate parts of DC such as Uptown & the Southside or elsewhere in the DC area?
Yes & that was interesting. You will see that in the film.

7. Please give us more info on the release of the documentary - what is the official release date & where will fans be able to view it?
The film will release in late November. I’m having a screening here in DC & would like all the ballers & others with interest to come out. The film will also be released via a private link after the screening.

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