Monday, October 29, 2018


 2020 GUARD 

Rock Creek Christian Academy 
Upper Marlboro MD.

1. Age, height, weight?
16, 6'2, 180

2. What did you work on this summer to improve your game? Many are predicting a breakout season for you this year what is one skill you can say you have improved upon while in high school?
I have been working on my ball handling, defense, and athleticism, the one skill I can say I have improved upon is my defense, I wasn't always known as the best defender.

3. What schools have offered you or have shown you interest?
Loyola University, Oklahoma State, Mount St. Mary's, UNC Greensboro & North Carolina Central have shown interest.

4. What were some of your high points this past summer playing AAU?
The Adidas Gauntlet was a great experience for me. It was a very competitive tournament throughout the summer, I am really looking forward to playing in it again next year.

5. What are your expectations for Rock Creek Christian this year & what role do you forsee yourself playing on this years team?
My expectation this year is to win. I want to be a great help to the team. I expect our name to remain as one of the best schools in the DMV area. My role on this team is to score and help with defending/rebounding.

6. What are your individual & team goals this season?
My goal is to be the best junior player I can be. I want to live in the gym and work on being comfortable being uncomfortable by working hard when I am both tired and fatigued. Develop a mindset that I would not be in this position if not for this game and get better at it everyday. This season I want to work as hard as I can on and off the court and to be the first and last player in and out of the gym.

7. How would you describe your game for those who haven't seen you play?
I always thought of myself as a shooting guard. I run the lanes in transition and score when needed. Otherwise as a team player, I take good shots, find the open man, move the ball, and play defense.

8. What schools, rec, boys & girls clubs and AAU teams did you play for growing up?
The first organization that I played with was "Bump N Run" Basketball that is where I developed my game while I was in elementary school. I also played for Drew Freeman in middle school. Then when I started high school I played junior varsity at Wise. Then I took my talents to "Team Nationals" & the Adidas Gauntlet & transferred from Wise to Somerset Prep for one year and played with Team Nationals again this past summer. The recs that I go to and use to play were the District Heights rec center, North Forestville rec and also the Westphalia community center.

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