Monday, January 28, 2019


2019 GUARD
1. Age, height, weight 
18 6’3 205
2. ER is having a another great season this year what were your individual goals coming into this season & how have they aligned with the success of the team this season?
My individuals goals were to keep building relationships with my teammates and having consistency throughout the season it has aligned great with the seasons success so far as we are on one accord and winning games.
3. What did you work on this past summer to improve your game as a senior & what do you believe you need to work on to improve for the college level?
I have been working on my shooting ability, driving & finishing through traffic. What I need to work on is creating plays off the dribble more consistently.
4. You are known for playing hard & doing the small things that help your team win games is your energy/motor something you have always had or did you develop it while in HS?
 I have always had a go hard or go home mentality but it has increased throughout my high school career.
5. You have recently announced that you will be committing to a university in the very near future what are you specifically looking for in a university both academically & athletically?
I am looking for a school where I fit in and the atmosphere is positive so that we can learn from each other and gel. Academically I’m looking for a marine biology or a sports management major and letting the academics be a factor in my life not just basketball.
6. Describe your "dream" high school senior season & how does it end?
My dream senior season is being undefeated in the county and winning a state championship.
7. What schools made your final list?
My Top Three are Coppin State, Shepherd & Chestnut Hill.
8. Take us back to when you were a freshmen what were your goals as a freshmen basketball player and how did they differ from your goals now as a senior?
My freshman goals where to make the varsity team but I didn’t so I made sure I was going to work for it. My Senior goals are to win a ring because I have seen what it takes to be a championship team in 2016 and this team this year is something special.
9. What is one basketball skill that you believe separates you from your peers?
My aggression and setting up my teammates when I am having an on or off game.
10. How would you describe the ER program & how has the ER coaching staff prepared you for both off & on court success?
The Eleanor Roosevelt coaching staff is one of the best coaching staffs in the DMV hands down. They have taught me a lot on and off the court. They push you to the goals you set for yourself on the court and off the court they are teaching us how to be young men and that impacts the lives of the team's players.

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